Redmond Sawmill

Est. 1997

Structural Timber

Jarrah with its hard-wearing durability is far superior to any soft wood alternative, (under Australian Standard 2082-2000) and will outlast many other materials used in construction, without the worry of being susceptible to European House Borer, Termites, and rot…yes Jarrah is rot and termite resistant. You only have to look at the majestic old houses still standing in Albany and around Fremantle to see that their Jarrah frames and architraves have stood the test of time. The famous Busselton Jetty is another fine example of just how hard wearing Jarrah is, as it has been standing for more than a hundred years. Any structures that have been demolished are used elsewhere by recycling the timber and we continue to enjoy its beauty year after year.

Structural Jarrah is chemical free (unlike other treated timber alternatives that are offered on the market) so is safe to use in garden beds without the concern of what may leach into the soil, also a re-assuring environmental fact when using Jarrah in other constructions.

Jarrah structural timbers we offer include roofing and pergola timbers, bridge and wharf construction and repair, mine timbers, glut material, garden sleepers, fence posts, bush poles.  We are able to cut large sections and long lengths to suit your requirements.

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