Redmond Sawmill

Est. 1997

 Redmond Sawmill is no longer suppling firewood/millends to the public. 

For deliveries of millends please call Alan on 0429 936 646.  

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes our valued customers.

PEFC Chain of Custody Certified

Redmond Sawmill is Certified against PEFC ST 2002-2013 (Chain of Custody, 2nd Ed), PEFC ST 2001-2008 (Logo Usage, 2nd Ed)



The History of Redmond

Redmond Sawmill is located in Albany and was established in 1997 by brothers Glenn and Luke Gatti, having over 50 years of experience between them in the timber industry. Their love of timber was inherited from their father Fernando, who began sawmilling in Western Australia in 1956.

Fernando passed on his valuable knowledge to Luke and Glenn, which enabled the two brothers to build a successful Sawmill that produces quality timber products year after year. Over a 17 year period Glenn and Luke built the business from ground up, and as of October 2015 the business has changed hands to the current owner C J Matters Pty Ltd.

The new owner will bring growth, investment and 16 years of business experience to carry Redmond Sawmill into the future growing on the experience and knowledge embedded at Redmond Sawmill.

Why Choose Redmond?

Redmond Sawmill pride themselves in using Western Australian Hardwoods such as Jarrah, Marri and Wandoo that are beautiful and unique. Sourced from sustainably managed forests under their contract with The Forest Products Commission of Western Australia, they ensure that the harvesting of timber is practiced in a sustainable manner, with regeneration of native forests and protection of biodiversity so that Western Australian hardwood products can be manufactured for years to come.

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Sawn products offered, range from kiln dried and machined Jarrah Flooring and Decking, to furniture grade Jarrah and Marri. Also available in Jarrah are structural timbers milled in large sections for railway sleepers, turnout timbers and glut sections, as well as garden sleepers, fence posts, face cuts, bush poles and firewood. If you appreciate quality sawn timber, produced, owned, and operated in Western Australia please contact us.  We welcome enquiries from the public.

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